Dress Code

For Class:
  • Be on time ready to work with a positive attitude!!!!
  • Hair pulled back in a ponytail or bun.
  • Leotard or form fitted top.
  • Skirt- long and flows well.
  • Leggings, tights, and boy shorts are all acceptable.
  • Shoes: Black Character or flamenco style. Thick heel.
For Performances:
  • Costume/dress cost can vary between $100-$150 per dance. This may include ordering
    dresses online or it will be for material and seamstress fees. Please plan ahead and be
    prepared for these costs.
  • Arrive on time at designated performance and be prepared for delays with parking.
    Rushing stresses the child, the teacher, and other students as well as we like to run
    through dances a little before they go on stage to get their brains warmed and working.
  • Costumes/Dresses should be pressed and kept in good condition at all times. No eating
    in costumes. Only allowed to drink water.
  • Change of clothes should be something easy to pull over head as they will be wearing
    makeup, hair accessories, and long earrings that will get caught during changes.
  • Comfortable shoes are also a must to wear in between shows.
  • Feed children well before hair, makeup, and costumes are put on. For our longer days
    with more than one show please pack dry snacks (crackers, pretzels, protein bar, water).
  • Other items to bring to performances: Deodorant, Hairspray, comb, Q-tips, wet wipes,
    extra bobby pins, foot powder, makeup, band aids. Be prepared for anything!

*If something was left out or you have any questions please address them with Patricia.