Established in 2013, Flamenco Omaha is a dance group formed by Dancer and Instructor Patricia Velazquez-Dunn. Our mission is to bring the rich and vibrant culture of Spain’s most famous art form to the Midwest!

Patricia Velazquez-Dunn moved from California to the Omaha area after years of formal training with some of the best Flamenco instructors from California, Arizona, and Madrid. She has also been a featured dancer for many years at EspaƱa in Benson and Rockbrook Village.

Over the last several years Patricia has graciously shared her training and experience with all of her students ranging in ages 3 to adults. Flamenco Omaha performs all over the Omaha area and is the only dance group that studies and performs Flamenco as well as Spanish Classical and Spanish Folk dances from the different regions of Spain.


Flamenco Omaha director, Patricia Velazquez-DunnPatricia Velazquez-Dunn began dancing at the age of 6 years old in Santa Barbara, CA. The styles of dance she studied at a young age included ballet, jazz, Mexican Folk, Spanish Classical, and Flamenco. There was a deep love that developed when introduced to Flamenco so Patricia pursued her formal training in Flamenco dance with the Linda Vega Studio in Santa Barbara, Calif., at the age of 9 years old. The Linda Vega Studio is well known for producing some of the most talented Flamenco dancers in the California area. From 1986-1997, With her studio, Patricia participated in the Annual Old Spanish Days Fiesta celebration that is held locally in the community to preserve a combination of heritage and culture. With her studio she also participated in many cultural events and had featured dance opportunities throughout California which include the UC Irvine Dance Kaleidoscope, Long Beach Friendship Festival, and Fountain Theater. She has also danced with musical artists, Ottmar Liebert and Carlos Santana for concerts that were held in Santa Barbara. During this time Patricia also actively took classes in local workshops that were offered by well known flamenco dancers in the California area.

In her 20’s Patricia moved to Phoenix, AZ and immediately started to study with Bernadette Gaxiola who was a local flamenco instructor/dancer. Bernadette recognized Patricia’s raw talent and invited Patricia to become a company member in her brother Martin Gaxiola’s dance company, Calo Flamenco. Patricia performed with Calo Flamenco at the Chandler Center of Performing Arts and other venues and festivals through the Phoenix area.

Since Patricia has been in Omaha she has been a featured dancer at the Espana Restaurant in Benson, Maria Sangria’s Downtown, Little Espana Rockbrook Village, Omaha. Her group has performed all over the community in cultural celebrations where they have been recognized for their vibrant passion for flamenco.

Currently, Patricia has established a dance group in Omaha and teaches to children ages 5-13 years old as well as teen and adult classes. She has also done educational demonstrations and taught classes in various schools around town including Westside High, Fort Calhoun, Creighton, and UNO- Omaha. Patricia is so honored and excited to pass down the experiences in her flamenco journey to all who is interested in learning.

Viva Espana and Ole’ to Flamenco!