How many of you want to excel in Flamenco dance class?

If you’re a truly passionate dancer, you should always try to excel in your dance class. Here are a few simple rules you should follow:

#1 Arrive to class on time.

Being punctual is extremely important. Please arrive 5-10 minutes early so that you are dressed and ready to start warming up at your class start time. If you absolutely can’t avoid being late, enter very quickly and quietly. Try and save restroom breaks for before or after class if all possible. Please plan ahead and eat or have snacks before class.

#2 Put your personal belongings away.

For adults, please turn your cell phone OFF and put it away. For children, toys or any other things brought from home needs to either be left at home or put in a bag. It is very distracting to the dancer and her classmates if toys are brought to class. Other examples: lip gloss, candy, gum, food, hats, shopkins, etc. The only thing allowed in class is a water bottle.

#3 Listen while the teacher is talking.

This means not talking or doing footwork, while the teacher is talking. No talking to your neighbor even if it’s quietly.

#4 Pay attention always, especially when waiting for your turn.

Pay attention to what the other dancers are doing and make note of any corrections that the teacher is making so that when it’s your turn, you don’t make the same mistakes. Make sure not to slouch, look bored, or yawn. And don’t ever sit down unless you’re asked to!

#5 No running in studio or horseplay.

Although I do want you to have fun in class, running around in the studio and horseplay can result in injury, especially if a student is in their dance shoes. Save the playing for after class and focus on the dancing in class.

#6 Don’t leave and come back to your class.

Stay for the entire class. No coming in and out. This may be distracting to your classmates.

#7 Come prepared.

Make sure you bring the proper dance clothes and your hair brushed neatly. Don’t forget your shoes, skirt, dance bag, etc. You have to have the proper tools for a productive rehearsal at all times.

#8 Demonstrate good spatial awareness.

Keep your space and not bump into other dancers during the class. The key to good choreography is spatial awareness. You want to practice this throughout the entirety class, whether you’re doing footwork in lines across the floor or rehearsing a choreographed piece.

#9 Try your best.

Never give up! Even if you’re just getting started, hang in there. “What doesn’t challenge you doesn’t change you.”

#10 Be courteous and respectful.

At the end of class don’t forget to applaud and thank your instructor before you leave.